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Jenn Wertz is a Pittsburgh based painter and mixed media artist. Her work has been featured in many successful shows, has served as the backdrop for a ballet., as well as a book cover.

Themed series as well as private commissions are ongoing. Inquiries accepted at

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Selected Works 2009-2023 

cross section of all works
By date and exhibition

Murder, Congress, and Convocation

Ongoing series of paintings of birds on repurposed materials


Percolate Gallery 2016

2016 series featuring mixed media paintings


Collage 2019-2022

Recent collage: Large scale and small pieces. 


Engine House 25,  2011

Partner Show w/ John Buynak  2011


Rubbing Sticks Together  

Mendelson  Gallery 2009

Partner show with Mark Gualtieri 2009

Light, Refraction, and Conflagration 2015

Commissions and Singles

Recent one off pieces and commissions.

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