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Pittsburgh Magazine 1/2020

They do it for love, not money
"Whenever you are being fulfilled by an endeavor, whatever it is, it's an expansion of your consciousness....It feels like you are being consumed," says Wertz, "but it's the most alive that you are." Take 'em As They Come was born out of sort of creative inspiration that artists have no choice but to pursue. 
Pittsburgh Post Gazette  
Former Rusted Root singer releases first music in more than a decade.
“…a Jenn Wertz we haven’t heard before, setting her bluesy, often haunting vocals into a Southern rock n’ roll landscape, backed by some of the city’s most accomplished musicians” - Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pittsburgh City Paper

Jenn Wertz is ready to Take 'em as They Come
“Musically Wertz seems to be channeling the Southern California sound, think 1970s recordings by Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, or Warren Zevon as a starting point. But Wertz’s gritty vocals are backed by an eclectic, sometimes dreamy mix that defies categorization.”-Rege Behe, Pittsburgh City Paper

Jim Donovan Soundhealth Podcast featuring Jenn Wertz

Why a creative mindset is essential to your well being

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